Step ladders

To change light bulbs, put cupboards in and out, wipe dust or take books off a shelf, chairs, tables or other pieces of furniture are usually converted and used as aids. In everyday situations, only a few people use stepladders, which are intended precisely for such work. In this work, new conceptual approaches have been realised that have questioned conventional courses of action. Three stepladder designs have emerged from the process, each with different strengths. One focuses on integration into everyday life, which is made possible by versatile and free modes of use. Another is the stowability and quick and easy use of the step. The final consideration aims not only at a sufficiently high platform that conveys a strong sense of safety despite all this, but at the same time at a low dead weight in order to remain mobile at all times.

„Steiger“ was selected to the Shortlist of the 1&20 Design Award 2023, powered by German Design Council.